Oct 15, 2020

Two Great Reasons To Have Health Insurance

There are many great reasons to have health insurance, but there are two reasons we sometimes forget:  Access and Discounts.

Often, we get caught up in the amounts of deductibles, copays, and coinsurance.   Or, we are more worried about what services are covered/not covered.  These are very legitimate concerns that need to be addressed.

However, all health insurance plans start with their network.  A Health Insurance company’s network is the contract it has in place with healthcare providers that have agreed to see and treat the customers of the health insurance plan. 

These network contracts are what provide health insurance customers with Access and Discounts.  Access to doctors and healthcare providers is very important when you are sick or injured.  You want to be able to see a doctor or provider as soon as possible.  Having a health insurance plan with a good network will give you that quick access to get help quickly. 

Network discounts can be extremely helpful in making healthcare more affordable.  For example, one client was billed $18,000 for 2 ER Visits for severe abdominal pain.  The client’s network contract discount lowered these charges from $18,000 down to $4,500!

So, be sure to buy a health insurance plan with a solid network to give you access and discounts to healthcare.

Blair Beaty

Written by:
Blair Beaty, Health Insurance Specialist