Our Story

I became licensed to sell health insurance in 2018.  I decided to get licensed because of my own difficulty in finding affordable health insurance for my family when I started my own business.  I spent 18 months on Cobra because it was a good plan.  It was expensive, but at least I liked the plan.  When my Cobra was about to expire, I began looking for a new plan.  I was very confused and needed some help.  I had trouble finding anyone that specialized in health insurance to help me.

I ended up being advised to choose a plan on the marketplace at healthcare.gov.  It was the highest deductible plan I had ever had, and it was the most expensive plan I ever had.  I felt sick every month when I had to pay $1200 per month for a plan I didn’t like.

A year later I was able to speak with a health insurance broker that told me of other health insurance plans available that were a perfect fit for our family’s needs.  Also, these great plans were much less expensive!  We were able to switch and save $900/month!

I started Optimum Health Insurance to educate about all options.  We can help with all aspects of health insurance: Individual/Family, Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, Small business/employer, Dental/Vision, and Accident/Critical Illness.