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Affordable Health Insurance Plans for Individuals, Families, and Self-Employed are available!

There have been many major changes in the Health Insurance industry in the last year. There are many new plans available for the first time! We can help you find the best plans for you at the best price available. We have been able to help families and individuals save thousands of dollars per year with lower deductibles and more coverage.

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"I was very nervous when we started shopping for medical insurance knowing it was going to be expensive and the coverage was not going to come close to the policy I had while working. I reached out to Blair at Optimum and I really appreciated the level of care and attention that he gave my husband and I while we were looking for an affordable medical and dental insurance policy . He was very trustworthy and friendly which was a big plus! He wasn’t out to just make a buck! He was really aiming to help our family find a medical policy that would fit our needs that wouldn’t break the bank. We were also pleased with the policy AND the premium. Blair was able to answer our questions in detail which was very helpful. We’ve had the coverage for two months now and no complaints!"


"Blair Beaty at Optimum Health Insurance is very professional and knowledgeable about Health Insurance. He will make sure you have the best health insurance at the best price possible."

TR Hines

"Blair is very knowledgeable and helpful in navigating through the whole health insurance process. We got a great plan, and saved a lot of money on our monthly premium. Highly recommend Blair!"

Margie Evans

Case Studies

Retired Business Owners

A husband and wife sold their business and retired early. They decided to pay for COBRA from their previous group health plan, but it cost $1300/month. Neither were on any meds and were generally healthy, but they wanted to be covered for any catastrophic medical events. I was able to find them a private major medical plan for $300/month that met their needs. They were very happy to save $12,000 per year on premiums!

Single Young Man

Single male aged 28 earning $50K per year with a job that did not offer a group health plan. He chose a plan on, but was unhappy paying $350/month. I was able to find him a private major medical plan with a lower deductible and lower max out of pocket for $150/month. He was very happy to get a better plan and save $2400 per year in premiums!

Single Mom

I helped a single mom with 2 kids earning $32,000 per year get an excellent $0 deductible plan on during open enrollment for only 2 cents per month! She qualified for large tax credit and cost share reduction which lowered the deductible, copays, and max out of pocket on the plan!